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The authors of this web site are descendent and relatives of John Corso.   John immigrated to Iowa from Italy in 1914 through Ellis Island.  This site is a  work in progress. If you have any corrections, additions, or if you would like  to add to the site, please email a note to markcorso@aol.com.     We are looking for more information and would appreciate input from readers.    If you are related to someone that lived in Hocking, we would like to hear from  you.  Also, If you have additional pictures, we would appreciate a copy of  those.   This web site mentions John Corso many times. John was not a leader  in Hocking, however he was one of the few that stayed in the area.  John  purchased most of the land that was Hocking, stayed in the area, and farmed  the land.
Important Note
Michael Philip Martin, married to Mary Theresa Kausalik, was killed in a mining accident in 1923. His son Frank A. Martin (born in 1906) also worked in the mines. Both families origniated from Hungary. -Thank you to Alice Carney for the information. John Demchak was born in Hocking in 1908. His father, also John (of the Slovak family), worked in the mines. John participated in amateur boxing. The family moved to NW Indiana is the 1930s. His brothers, Joe and Andy, fought in WW2. -Thank you to John Demchak (son) for the information. Joe Kauslick was killed in a Hocking mine on April 13, 1913. He was 26. He was married to Anna Underton (sister to John Underton). They had 4 children (Albert, Joe, Peter, Anna). The mine company gave Anna $50 and allowed her to live in the company house after Joe’s death. -Thank you to Albert Kauslick for the information. Margaret Trollan Roan lived in Hocking with her parents and siblings. They were Irish immagrants. Her father, James Trollan, worked as a miner. He suffered serious injuries and the family moved to Georgetown. His sister, Mariane Trollan, served as a post mistress of Hocking. - Thank you to Laura Roan for the information. John Thomas Hoskinson and his son, Ray Oliver Hoskinson, both worked in the Hocking mines from ~ 1919 to ~1921. The family moved to a small farm in Melcher (now Melcher/Dallas), Ray moved to Melrose around 1923. John Thomas and his wife, Mary, had six children (Ray, Alma, Fred, Earnest, Elmer, Laurence, Ruth). -Thank you to Georgia Hoskinson Edgington for the information.